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The Walking Dead Comic: Rick Grimes Resin Statue (Unpainted Artist's Proof)

The Walking Dead Comic: Rick Grimes Resin Statue (Unpainted Artist's Proof)
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Fifty additional extremely limited “Unpainted Artist Proof” versions of the resin statue are available. These 50 additional statues are primed in flat grey and ready for customization, or to be displayed as is by collectors in their rawest form; Sequentially numbered (1-50); Quote from Todd: "We've been making toys for two decades and I can say, on a dozen of occasions, the most joy I get out of looking at our products is seeing the unpainted proofs we receive," McFarlane said. "My eyes are not distracted from the detail and nuances of the actual sculpt by the paint application. With the figure being unpainted, shadows are cast on every level of the figure and really draw your eye to the amazing detail and time put into these products."

Hardened by killing and loss, a harsher, tougher Rick Grimes has emerged from the rubble of this post-apocalyptic world. Standing more than 12 inches tall, The Walking Dead limited-edition statue depicts the comic version of Rick, in a desperate struggle against the endless wave of the undead. Rick single-handedly exterminates a hoard of zombie threats in his unyielding mayhem!

Based on a rough sketch from The Walking Dead visionary himself, Robert Kirkman, and fleshed out by the McFarlane team, this eyeball-popping, brain-splitting, and gun-blazing concept has turned into the most detailed The Walking Dead statue created to date.

This piece not only includes Rick Grimes and three full zombies, but also three zombie heads and a slew of body parts smeared across every angle of the 360 degree rotating rubble base. From the exploding brain matter and a head-locked zombie to a zombie head crushed under Rick's boot, you can feel his rage throughout the entire piece.

Each statue also includes a highly detailed sculpted plaque that is individually numbered, along with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane.

Limited-edition cold-cast resin statue

*Free Shipping***

*Stands at approximately 12 inches tall

*Individually numbered

*Detailed 360 degree rotating display base

*Certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane

**FREE SHIPPING. (U.S. 48 and Canada Only - All Resin Orders Ship via UPS Ground (No air shipping upgrades/options available) to both U.S. and Canada. For Canada orders, Customers are responsible for all customs/duties/fees and taxes (GST). Tax included for AZ and CA residents.

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