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Halo 4: The Master Chief Resin Statue (Unpainted Artist's Proof)

Halo 4: The Master Chief Resin Statue (Unpainted Artist's Proof)
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50 additional extremely-limited “Unpainted Artist Proof” version of the resin statue: These 50 additional statues are primed in flat grey and ready for customization or to be displayed as is by collectors in its rawest form; Sequentially numbered (1-50); Quote from Todd: "We've been making toys for two decades and I can say, on a dozen of occasions, the most joy I get out of looking at our products is seeing the unpainted proofs we receive," McFarlane said. "My eyes are not distracted from the detail and nuances of the actual sculpt by the paint application. With the figure being unpainted shadows are cast on every level of the figure and really draw your eye to amazing detail and time put into these products"

The upcoming highly detailed, hand-painted, cold-cast resin statue perfectly recreates the iconic cover art of Halo 4. This powerful scene depicts the Master Chief rising from the wreckage of the Forward Unto Dawn, primed and ready to explore the strange, new, artificial world.

The limited-edition statue stands approximately 12 inches tall (with base) and features all the sculpt and paint details McFarlane Toys is famous for. This statue is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, and includes three interchangeable weapons.

Replicate the cover art with his trusty Assault Rifle; wield an Energy Sword, the mightily close combat blade used by the deadly Elites; or showcase the new Forerunner enemy weaponry that debuted in Halo 4 by giving Master Chief the all-new Boltshot weapon. Each sequentially numbered piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity, hand-signed by McFarlane Toys' creator Todd McFarlane.

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